Hard Course for North Devon Riders.

The weekends dry weather conditions at the Escot Cyclocross made for hard racing on Sunday  in Exeter. 

The course wound its way around Escot country park, with the organisers making use of the natural obstacles such as steep climbs, technical descents and gravel. The race was attended by over 150 riders who competed in the different age categories, with the under 8’s starting the racing off. Taw Velos, Edolie Wilson had a challenging time in her race for the under 10’s. Edolie who has just moved up categories is finding the longer circuits more challenging this year. Edolie put in a strong performance and finished in a respectable 4th place.

The under 12’s race once again was battle between Max Standen (Taw Velo) and Louis Wright (Minehead Merlins). Max sprinted straight from the starters orders, however he couldn’t shake off Louis, changing positions throughout the race, Max was beaten on the final lap, with Louis leaping ahead on the final straight.  Louis Garsnworthy tried hard to claw back the distance the two lead riders had created, but just couldn’t quite make the bridge.


Georgia Mahoney moved herself through the field of riders, early in the race and was able to finish 5th overall, giving he first place for the U12’s girls. Ryhs Cook also moved up the field and finished just behind Georgia in 5th place for the boys. Morgan Wilson competing in the same category also had a good race and finished 14th overall.

In the under 14s girls, Ellen Garnsworthy charged ahead and proved a force to be reckoned with, going from strength to strength Ellen finished first in category.


The under 16s girls challenged each other for position throughout the race, swapping positions as each lap progressed, Hannah Rainger from North Devon Wheelers, managed to ride her way past Ellen Webber and take 3rd place. Rosie Andrews from Pilgrim Flyers couldn’t be beaten and took the top spot. Edward Armstrong crashed out on the first lap, meaning he had to change bikes, Dylan Dayman also didn’t have luck on his side and punctured. This is when Dylan’s running skills came to his strength, as he had to run the course back to the pits for a bike change. Losing a few positions initially, Dylan made his way back through the field and finished a respectable 9th place.


The longer course in the afternoon proved to be challenging for all riders, now longer and more climbing, also mid day heat the race was always going to be a challenge. Becky Cornwell achieved 5th place in the female category following a strong performance. In the Senior Category, Russell Harris is moving his way up the leader board each race. Putting in a sterling effort for Taw Velo, Russell finished 16th overall. Leigh Mahoney racing in the Vet category is also moving up position on each race. Improving his skills each race and honing his technique Leigh made it in to the top ten. In the Vet 50s both Adam Gazeley and Gary Webber finished in the top ten.


North Devon Rider Takes 2nd in Downhill Race


Taw Velo rider Tyler Pollington, from Braunton, North Devon, took part in the weekend racing, run by Woodland Racers at the Gawton Gravity Hub in Tavistock. During the course of the day, 150 riders from the Elite UCI competitors to the 10 year old rippers competed on the downhill course. Due to the high number of riders taking part and the spread of ability, made for spectacular racing.  The course snaked its way down the hillside, taking in a number of gap jumps, twisting berms and steep technical sections, which would test all riders skills and abilities. Tyler in his first run, placed himself within the top five riders in his category. To increase his chances of a podium position, Tyler knew he had to make the second run count. Tyler knew that on his second run, he would need to use the knowledge he gained from his first run to his advantage.  Tyler knew exactly where time could be made and lost, so pushed himself harder.  His determination paid off and he was able to shave 2 seconds of his time, moving himself up in second place. Tyler will be competing in more events during the next few months and will be looking to improve his position.

National MTB Cross-country Series Round 1

Riders from the South West ventured up to Sherwood Forest to compete in the first round of the National MTB Cross-country Series competition hosted by British Cycling. The event, held over the weekend, was attend by over 600 riders from across the UK representing both local clubs and even national teams from Portugal, Holland and Belgium.

The course run over 5 kilometres was mainly flat with some tight section in the trees, meaning riders would have to choose carefully when to overtake. The weather played a big part in the race as continuous rain meant the track became muddier and riders had a difficult time remaining up right and keeping warm. George Armstrong from Taw Velo Bike It lined up with over 60 riders in the Youth race. Covering 4 laps, George found himself in the same race as the National Champion, Daniel Tulett of Specialized Racing, who dominated the race straight from the start. The tough conditions challenged all the skills of riders and George finished a respectable 38 overall out of 64 starters.

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Fellow rider Gabriel Cox from Certini pushed himself to the max and finished 23 overall. Southfork had 2 riders in the longer 5 lap race, reduced from 6 due to the appalling weather conditions. Over a 100 riders lined up in the Elite, Junior and Expert male categories, 88 riders started in the Expert race with Southfork being represented by Matthew Loake and Edward Worthington. Both riders has a tough race battling through the large volume of riders. The course became slippy with mud being thrown up from other riders wheels this meant seeing was also becoming a challenge. Both riders made excellent progress through the field with Edward finishing 23rd and Matthew 30th.

The next round of the National MTB Cross-country Series heads to Plymouth for a 3-day event, starting on Friday 17th April with a moonlit race.

Soggy Bottom XC Series Round 3

Sunday, 8th March witnessed the final round of the Soggy Bottom XC Series and thus treated riders to a very wet and muddy course. After a few days of rain and a cold spell, the final race series started with the under 13s race. Problems for the young riders started straight from the off, with a pile up on the first corner, meaning that some of the potential hopefuls had a much harder task of moving up the leader board. Young riders Chuck Harmer, Malo Montepetit-Lebrun and Ethan Jones made effective use of the crash and managed to create a strong lead. All three riders rode very aggressively for the 20 minute race, managing to lap some of the younger riders. Eventually Malo was able to take the win, just ahead of Ethan (2nd) and Chuck (3rd). Fellow Taw Velo riders Ben Rowell (6th), Charlie Tompkins (7th) and Edward Armstrong (11th) could not regain the ground lost from the start. The under 13s team was able to secure 3 of the top 5 places in the overall series with Chuck 3rd, Ben 4th and Edward 5th. Charlie finished 8th in the overall race series.

The under 10s race was also dominated by Taw Velo youth riders. Louis Garnsworthy, who was also caught up in the fall at the first corner, was able to secure 3rd place in the Under 10s boys race, along with Fin Mead in 5th place. Overall standings, despite the wet weather, allowed Louis to remain at the top position in the series, with Fin coming in 3rd. Max Standen, who was away racing at the Manchester arena on the weekend, managed 9th overall in the series. The under 10s girls race was once again was won by Ellen Garnsworthy. After a tough battle with new rider Alisha Mccartney, Ellen was able to stay ahead of her and secure 1st place for the overall series win as well.

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The morning's rain meant that the youth race, which also included Elite, Expert, Juvenile and Sport categories, would test both endurance and skill of the riders. Approx. 90 riders set off from under starters orders, all heading for the first corner and a very tricky climb up a very slippery ascent. Luke Eggor and Matt Loake from Southfork Racing both managed an excellent start and were able to demonstrate their skill over some very tricky descents, which tested even the most experienced riders. Although there was no river crossings in the 2.7 mile course, the mud and standing water made sure that all riders were very wet and muddy throughout the race. The sport male category was won by Tom Holland from Westcoast MTB, Southfork riders who also finished the race included Ed Welsh (11th).

The youth race, which involved two and a half laps of the main circuit, also had a challenge for the title position. Gabriel Cox from Certini rode very strong during the race and was able to challenge some of the Elite male riders for the top placings. Overall series win was held by Gabriel, George Armstrong from Taw Velo was able to secure 3rd place on the day, which meant overall he would be 2nd in the series.

Next up was the large field consisting of Grand Vet, Vet and Fun categories. The course was now very slippy in places and the steep descents made harder with exposed tree roots, could only mean that falling off would become part of the course. Riders who managed to sprint into the first corner would be able to take advantage of having less traffic to get through and loss of traction due to volume of riders. Southfork Racing’s MTB team was able to secure a lead on the first lap and the possibility of an overall series win for the North Devon team. The terrain now very muddy, meant that the easier B-line routes were just as difficult as the harder A-line routes. Tired legs along with faces covered in mud made the whole race harder. The sun managed to shine in the afternoon, however this was too late and the whole course was one big muddy track, which sapped a riders energy very quickly. The fun race was won by Lee Mason with Taw Velo’s Nick Rowell managing 6th on the day. Southfork Racing’s Pete Dawe got 2nd place on the day, ensuring 1st place in the overall series with Nick Butler 4th (3rd overall) ad Sean Cannock 19th. Taw Velo rider Darren Armstrong secured his highest placing of the series so far with 12th place and Graham Garnsworthy also managed his highest placing coming in at 17th.

The next event for the North Devon riders will be round 1 of the British Cycling MTB Cross-Country Series in Nottingham on the 28th and 29th March before returning to the Newnham track on the 18th and 19th April for round 2.

Plymouth Cyclo-cross

The sun shone on the Plymouth Life Centre which held the final round of the South West Cyclo-cross series on Sunday, 18th January. This final round witnessed more than 120 riders take on the gruelling course which had been set up by the University of Plymouth Cycling Team. The previous weeks rain provided a very slippy course which was only made harder by hair pin bends, off camber climbs and sticky mud, meaning riders had to pick up their bikes and run or stop to unclog jammed wheels.

Max Standen performed exceptionally well in the U8s, with determination straight from the starter's whistle, he managed to create a lead of more than 30 seconds on the first lap. Max was keen to make sure he kept the pressure on and increased his advantage on each lap, securing first place during the 5 lap race and finishing nearly 2 mins ahead of second place rider Oliver Robins.

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The U10s and U12s started with riders being gridded for the final race, meaning both Edward Armstrong and Ellen Garnsworthy secured a place on the front row. Making a break from the start, Edward charged for the lead into the first corner, before tackling a very tricky downhill decent into a hair pin bend. Sam Medlyn from One and All Cycling and Leon Dawes from Pilgrim flyers took advantage of the situation to ensure the lead positions. Ellen Garnsworthy gave a good fight to secure her lead in the female U10s category. The 6 lap race was eventually won by Sam Medlyn with Edward coming in 3rd place. Ellen secured first place in her fight for the U10s girls title.

The novice race was up next which also included the Youth categories. Becky Cornwell was favorite to win the ladies novice section, however stiff competition from fellow team mates Katie Standen and Caroline Armstrong, meant she would need to go hard straight from the start. Briony Goldsmith from CSSH was able to push her way through the field and challenge Becky for the lead, however Becky was too strong and managed to hold onto first place all the way round. Fellow team mates Katie managed 4th place in her first ever race along with Caroline, in only her second event, securing 5th.

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The youth race was fast straight from the start, initial lead was held by Gabriel Cox followed closely by Max Hindes. However at the first road crossing both riders took a wrong turn, allowing Max to gain an advantage on Gabriel. Gabriel and George Armstrong both pushed each other to the limit to try and catch Max, but where unsuccessful in the their efforts and had to settle for 2nd and 3rd places.

The main event had over 90 riders competing in the hour-long race. The course now resembling more of a mud bath rather than a grass field. This now meant carrying the bike and running was a main feature of the race, as riding was almost impossible due to lack of traction from the back wheel. Bike changes and a strong pit crew now made the difference between winning and losing. The first place teams were changing bikes every 2 laps so that brakes and wheels did not get clogged up with the sticky mud. Taw Velo's Darren Armstrong suffered a puncture on the first lap, meaning a bike change was required. Due to the hard efforts of his pit team (Edward and George) allowed him to change back to his original bike once the puncture had been fixed and secured 17th place in the vets category. Graham Garnsworthy managed a respectable 26th in the senior race. The race finally over, after an hour of running and riding through thick mud was won by Seniors Dextor Hurlock, Vets James Bovey, Lucy Allen for the women's and Charlie Mcfadzean for the Juniors.

Soggy Bottom XC Series Round 1

Sunday, 11th January saw riders from North Devon heading down to Plymouth for Round 1 of the Soggy Bottom XC Series at Newnham Park. In total over 170 riders took part in a number of different races and lengths during the course of the day. The mountain bike course was a mixture of steep descents covered with tree routes, boulders and at one point a cold water crossing. It ran across farm land and natural obstacles, the course was designed to test the riders abilities and endurance in race conditions.

Taw Velo had an excellent turn out for both the adult and youth section of the club with a variety of ages from the under 8s through to the Grand Vets.

The morning started with the under 13s and 10s race, run over a shorter course length and duration of 20 mins involved around 30 riders. Taw Velo's Ben Rowell, competing in his first race, made a charge for the first ascent to put him in second place. Holding out for the duration, Ben could not quite match the speed of first place rider Seth Owen and ended up,settling for second place, followed by Chuck Harmer in 4th and Edward Armstrong 5th. Ellen Garnsworthy managed to get 2nd place in the under 10s girls section of the race. Fin Mead also in his first race had a spectacular off, whilst descending through the tree line, managed to jump back on his bike and get a respectable 5th place in the under 10s boys category.

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Max Standen made an impressive start to his first mountain bike race in the under 8s category. He lead straight from the start and managed to open up a gap of more a minute on his first lap to nearest rival. Due to his determination an addition lap had to be added to ensure that the full duration of the race would be run. In the end his efforts were rewarded with a first place finish.

The next race was now over the full course length and involve all obstacles, descents and a gruelling long climb over a 1.5 kilometre distance, consisting of both tarmac, gravel road and grass. A number of different categories including, fun, youth, sport male, elite and juvenile meant 92 competitors lined up for the start of the race. Jack Hewlett representing sport male managed an impressive 3rd place during the one and a half-hour long race. In the Youth male category, George Armstrong fought a tough battle along side Gabriel Cox from Certini and challenged him for 1st place. In the end Gabriel managed to hold out and retain 1st with George taking second place.

The next race to start was Grand Vet and Vet male and included 66 riders. Taw Velo had a good team covering each category and achieved some good places. Darren Armstrong managed 19th, Graham Garnsworthy 35th in the Vet section, Sean Hewlett 8th in the Grand vet. Pete Dawe from Southfork racing achieved 1st place in the event. Simon Harmer suffered a mechanical problem during the first lap in a challenge to be first across the bridge. Deterioration of the course meant the the challenging down hill sections were littered with twisty and slippery tree roots. This meant riders had to be aware of the obstacles when trying to over take other riders and back markers.

Plymouth City Motopark Cyclo-cross

Sunday, 4th January was round 13 of the South West Cyclo-cross series, which was held at the Plymouth City Motopark. The testing track which involved a number of natural obstacles such as mud, table tops and a cork screw ensured that riders endurance and technical skills where tested to the limit. Young riders Louis Garnsworthy and Max Standen battled for pole position straight from the start in the under 8s race. Max managed to hold the lead for a lap, before Louis managed to get past him. The pair had a strong lead over a group of 14 riders and finished over 30 secs ahead of 3rd place rider, Ben Goldsmith (CSSH). Max found the task more challenging when he got stuck behind a group of riders in the corkscrew.

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The under 10s and under 12 race saw a field of 21 riders taking on a longer course with long stretch of mud and grass. Freddie Birchill from Certini made an impressive start managing to create a gap straight from the start, by the end of the second lap he had increased his lead by well over 30 seconds. Sam Medlyn and Leon Dawes both tried to regain ground on Freddie but could not reduce the gap during the 20 minute race. Taw Velo rider Edward Armstrong managed 6th place behind a strong team from the local club Pilgrim Flyers. Ellen Garnsworthy was able to hold on first place for the under 10s girls.

The under 14s and under 16s race also included the novice section for adults which meant around 20 riders took on the longer course, again with more obstacles included. The strong field of riders from Certini, Harry Birchill and Gabriel Cox tried to create a gap from the start, however Max Hinds (bike in motion) and George Armstrong (Taw Velo) kept the pressure on to make sure the race would be contested over distance and time. In the end the Plymouth team was too strong and managed to keep ahead, overall Harry managed 1st, Gabriel 2nd, Max 3rd and George 4th. Becky Cornwell from Taw Velo managed an impressive 1st in the women's novice section.

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The main race held over the full course and lasting for an hour had 66 riders representing clubs from around the region. The track now in a poor state from the mornings races meant that thick mud would ensure a tough time for the adults. Graham Garnsworthy took the challenge of competing in the main race after winning several of the novice races. Now racing for an hour instead of 30 mins, meant that he had to work much harder for longer. His efforts were rewarded with a respectable 49th place overall.

The final race of the series will be held at Plymouth Central Park on Sunday, 18th January where Taw Velo will sending a team of riders and hopefully achieving a number of 1st places in the South West series. Full event details are available on the British Cycling and South West Cyclo-cross websites.

Falmouth Bike Park Cyclo-cross

On Sunday, 14th December, Taw Velo riders made their way down to Falmouth Bike Park for round 11 of the South West Cyclo-cross league. The previous weeks rain made sure that riders where going to find the course very slippy and testing.

Louis Garnsworthy made an excellent start in the under 8s race on the shortened circuit. 8 riders set off from the start line, with Louis making a sprint straight off the starting line. Within a lap young Louis had taken a significant lead over the other riders. The course had a number of berms, rollers and steep off camber declines. Louis managed to remain in the lead for the full duration of the race and also lapped a number of riders.

Ellen Garnsworthy had a successful race in the under 10s and 12s race coming in first for the under 10s girls. In all 14 riders lined up on the start line for the 20 minute race, on a course that had now been extended to take on more twist and turns. Sam Medland from one and all racing made a very impressive break on the first lap and opened up a 30 second lead on second place Pilgrim Flyers rider. Edward Armstrong managed 5th in his age category.

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George Armstrong, aged 15, entered the under 16s race which included the adult novice category and used the full track for a 30 minute race. The course was more in line with a downhill type event, top half of the course included a long section of the Falmouth Bike Park downhill section. More riders meant the track was now starting to deteriorate and the grass was turning into a mud bath, which started to stick to everything and make the task harder. Local riders who generally ride the downhill section found the Cyclo-cross course much harder and the different skill set more of a challenge. George was determined not to let local talent affect his charge on the league title, so made for a break on the first lap. His gamble paying off as on the second lap his was over 30 seconds ahead of second place rider. By the end of the race George had opened up over a minute and half on the second place rider and lead Novice adult racer.

The main race was next with around 70 adults taking part in an hour long race. Previous racing and practice laps meant the course was mainly now a mixture of mud, leaves and grass meaning cornering was much trickier and meant riders had to test all their bike handling skills. The whole course was much different from any other Cyclo-cross course, events are normally run over relatively flat circuits with some obstacles thrown in, however this was more of a 50% downhill and 50% uphill. The course contained a mixture of off camber cornering and a steep descents which transverse across farm fields, once down the hill the task would then be to climb back to the top tackling the mud, high steps and other riders. Excessive mud caused mechanical problems for a large number of riders with damaged wheels, punctures or rear derailleur problems.

Next race is in the New Year at Plymouth City Motopark on Sunday, 4th January. Full event details are available on the British Cycling and South West Cyclo-cross websites.

South of England Cyclo-cross Championship

Taw Velo's Cyclo-cross team once again achieved excellent results; this time at the South of England Regional Championship on Sunday, 7th December. Stover school in Newton Abbott hosted the 2 day event and thus provided a very scenic background to the long and technically challenging course. The whole circuit circled the main house and grounds with some very steep and tree rooted paths.

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The cold crisp weather could not stop Louis Garnsworthy and Max Standen taking 1st and 2nd place for the top regional positions on the under 8s course. The pair led straight from the start, in a field of 17 from clubs representing the South of England, with both riders creating a gap of more than 30 seconds on the first lap. The pair worked together during the 3 lap race. George Dadswell, aged 5, also competed in the same event and found the long course very tiring. Edward Armstrong managed a respectable 7th in the under 12s race in a field of more than 20 riders and Ellen Garnsworthy taking 2nd place in the under 10s girls, making sure that her dominance in the girls category remains on target. George Armstrong achieved 4th in the tough under 16s race, with many of the riders from others parts of the South with some travelling from as far afield as the Cotswolds. The race became harder due to the wind increasing along with a spot of rain, making the course more slippery on very tight corners.

Becky Cornwell did not have as much luck in her first competitive race, venturing away from the novice category. Becky decided to race against more experienced riders, however due to very tricky ascent of the garden terrace, crashed heavy on the front wheel, meaning she had a long run back to the pits, to pick up the spare bike. During the course of the day, over 180 riders competed on the challenging course, as the day went on the mud became thicker and the corners very slippery and testing. The main race included vets, women and Juniors, over 130 riders took on the 40 min race, to determine who is the best in the South of England.

Plymouth Cyclo-cross Father-Son Victory

Taw Velo Cycling Club had both a good turn out and good results at the Plymouth Cyclo-cross on Sunday, 23rd November. Six riders from the club made the journey down to compete on a very tough and demanding course that tested riders skills and endurance to the limit. The previous weeks rain meant that a water logged course brought on the mud (and lots of it!) making it even more slippery and gruelling. The riders had to endure off camber corners, trees and thick sticky mud which clogged gears and braking systems.

Louis Garnsworthy, in the under 8s race, bided his time and waited before attacking the first place rider at the end of the first lap. His determination to win allowed him to create a gap between himself and second place rider, Ben Goldsmith. Edward Armstrong managed to 5th place in the under 12s race. Tough competition from the local club, Pilgrim Flyers, meant that he had to work hard against their riders on home turf.

George Armstrong had a longer and more difficult battle in the youth race. Off camber hills and turns meant his bike handling skills and stamina were tested to the max. He managed to take second place in the 16s category, losing to Gabriel Cox of Certini. Novice winner, Graham Garnsworthy, had a tough course but managed to create a distinctive lead of over 30 seconds between the second place rider. Becky Cornwell, in only her second race of the season, secured 2nd place in the female novice section. Becky commented that just staying upright was her main priority over the difficult course!

[flickr_set id="72157649506648266" images_height="200" max_num_photos="12"]

The main one hour race saw over 80 riders competing for first place. Initially a strong consortium from Mid-Devon Cycling Club led the race with Andrew Parker and Oscar Wiessier creating a gap in the main field. Clogged gears and sticky mud making the whole process harder, along with sharp hill climbs and tricky descents. All looked good for the South Devon club until Dextor Hurlock decided enough was enough and raced for first place. Coming from 5th place he charged his way through the field and continued on to lead the race for the last few laps. With mud clogging every part of his bike, Darren Armstrong finished the tough race in a very respectable 44th place overall and 20th place in the veterans category.

The next round will be the South of England Championship at Stover School, Newton Abbot on Saturday, 6th and Sunday, 7th December. A large turn out of over 100 riders will race in the various categories, so thrills and spills are expected. Full event details are available on the British Cycling and South West Cyclo-cross websites.

Taw Velo Triumph at St Austell Cyclo-cross

Pave Velo held the 6th round of the South West Cyclo-cross series at St Austell, Cornwall on Sunday, 26th October.

St Austell Cyclo-cross Under 8s PodiumThe day started off with the under 8s race in dry conditions and still no sign of mud. A field of around 15 riders competed with Max Standen and Louis Garnsworthy fighting it out for first place. Max held a good lead over Louis for the first part of the race, until back markers made the race more complex. Max and Louis both ended up getting caught and it was Louis who managed to find a gap in the field and make a break away, with Max now chasing. Louis managed to keep a just ahead of Max which ended up in a sprint until the finish line.

The under 10s and 12s race started off with a younger rider from the South West making a break for the lead straight away. Young rider Toby Peters managed to create a half-lap lead until mechanical issues struck. Second place rider, Sam Medlyn from One and All racing now had the advantage, however Toby took on the challenge and gave chase, managing to claw his way back into first place. Meanwhile Pilgrim flyers rider Leon Dawes and Edward Armstrong from Taw Velo fought it out for the final place on the podium. Edward managed to keep a good lead until the final lap and after letting his guard down managed forth place overall. Ellen Garnsworthy continued with her domination of the girls race and once again managed first place for the under 10 girls, thus ensuring her lead and mission to win the overall girls title.

St Austell Cyclo-cross George ArmstrongThe under 16s and Novice race finished with first places going to, Taw Velo riders George Armstrong and Graham Garnsworthy. George took an early lead and set a blistering pace at just over 3 minutes per lap, second place rider James Bowen Camel Valley CTC and Novice rider Graham could not match the youngster's speed and skill on the course, especially when he was managing to 'catch air' going over the table top obstacles.

The senior race had a strong field of 83 riders. The course now being much longer and involving the 'brewery steps' meant riders had more of a challenge, not only having to ride through St Austell Brewery and resist the temptation of beer, but also had to contest with a series of steps and high banks and finally a bit of mud. The overall winner was Dexter Hurlock of Mondraker UK, who is ranked 13th nationally, gave a master class in Cyclo-cross racing.

The league moves to Holyrood Academy, Chard for round 8 with full event details available on the British Cycling and South West Cyclo-cross websites.

Escot Cyclo-cross Success

Due to the dry weather, this weekends Cyclo-cross event at Escot dashed the hopes of many riders who had hoped to finally encounter some winter mud. The last of the warm sunny days meant that clubs and riders from around the region descended on the country park to take part in round 5 of the South West cyclo-cross league.

Escot Cyclo-cross Youth Riders126 riders took part in the main event, 13 novices and around 60 under 16s competed in the other races. Racing stated with a field of 30 under 8s taking on the challenging course, consisting of mud, gravel and grass. The first of the races saw young Max Standen and Louis Garnsworthy from Taw Velo chase down the leader, Finlay Mcdonald, working together the two riders gave chase and ensured that Finlay had to work hard to stay in the lead. Hannah Foster also took on Sophie Radford for the top placement for girls across a challenging course. Also in this race was young George Dadswell, aged 5 he was one of the youngest riders to compete and managed 23 out of 31 with Lizzie Foster also finishing close behind him.

The under 10s and 12s race once again was dominated by the strong rider, Freddie Birchall from Pilgrim Flyers, however both Edward Armstrong and Chuck Harmer fought off tough competition to come in second and third. Ellen Garnsworthy once again showed true form and managed to win the unders 10s girls race for the 4th time in a row.

Escot Cyclo-cross Nathan DadswellGeorge Armstrong managed 3rd place in the under 16s and was able to fight off competition from the Taw Velo riders Simon Harmer and Graham Garnsworthy who competed in the Novice race. The combined race ensured that the younger riders had a tough time being chased down by Adults, however a strong performance from Harry Birchall from Pilgrim Flyers gave a master class in cross country riding.

The main race was held over a much longer course, that included the elements of the previous races. The 1.9 mile course had a range of obstacles, including some very steep sections and hidden tree routes. This was no challenge for the Mid Devon club rider Oscar Wiessler, who finally managed his overall win for the session, the junior rider managed to power his way around the course and ward off attacks from the main field of 126 riders.

North Devon had a strong representation with representatives from Southfork Racing, North Devon Wheelers, Bideford Peloton and Taw Velo.

The league moves to St Austell for round 5 with full event details can be found on the British Cycling and South West Cyclo-cross websites.